DISCLOSE Act: NRA Threatens Lawmakers Who Vote In Favor of Transparency

The NRA is getting pretty ballsy these days, meddling in affairs all over the place. During the hearings for the Fast and Furious “scandal” as well as the subsequent vote to hold Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, they threatened lawmakers with the notion of “keeping score” of those who voted against contempt. It’s a blatant form of political blackmail, and now they’re at it again, threatening lawmakers over the DISCLOSE Act, which would prevent foreign controlled companies from contributing foreign money to influence domestic elections, prevent independent expenditures for government contractors, and require disclosure of donors, among other things.

The law is meant to de-fang Citizens United to some extent, but the NRA thinks that is a bad idea and is now threatening vulnerable lawmakers who may be considering supporting the bill, which is no surprise, since the NRA has been one of the largest lobbying arms in Washington for decades.

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