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If Republicans hate government so much, why do they so desperately want to run (and own) ours?

Author’s note: Next week the Republicans will have their Presidential Convention, and if you listen to the Republican Politicians and the pundits, you can expect to hear a lot of talk about “Small Government”, “Limited Government”, “Low Taxes”, “Deficit Reduction” and the like. This is the first of a series that is intended to examine Radical Right Republican rhetoric vs reality, their talk versus their behavior. I believe the two are at polar opposites.

Ever since Ronald Reagan’s pronouncement that “Government is the Problem”, Republicans have been running against the government, and at the same time, they desperately want to run, or own the government.

I’d like to explore this dichotomy, and try to analyze why it exists, and try to determine if the Republican behavior matches their rhetoric. I suspect it won’t, but will provide my argument and you can decide for yourself.

It seems far more likely to me that Republicans, and radicalized far-right Republicans see maintaining their hold on the levers of government, with its unparalleled ability to organize capital at all levels through the taxing power, is a fine means to redistribute wealth from the general citizenry, you and me, to the wealthy and the power elites, from which they come. In case you’ve never seen President Reagan’s pronouncement, here it is:

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Kochs out to own the political system and gut regulation

From The War Room w/ Jennifer Granholm 8/17/12 (video cut just a bit short at the end)

Discussion re Charles Koch Op-Ed in Newsmax with Jeffrey Sachs

“Amazing, isn’t it? The hubris of this editorial is stunning,” economist and professor Dr. Jeffrey Sachs tells Jennifer Granholm. Sachs, director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, and Granholm are discussing an op-ed piece by Charles Koch, a major right-wing political donor. Sachs’ recent editorial says a Koch-type vision of small government is winning out because of billionaires like Koch, who want to cut their own taxes. “He’s winning because in America right now money dominates the political process,” says Sachs.

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