BREAKING: Michigan Judge Allows RTW Lawsuit to Move Forward

A small victory was won today in the battle against Right-to-Work. Ingham County Circuit Court Judge William Collette refused to dismiss a lawsuit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union and labor unions against the law. The ACLU argued that the law is invalid because it was passed while the public was locked-out of the capitol building in the 2012 lameduck session — a violation of The Open Meetings Act.

The Assoicated Press reports that Collette referred to the plaintiffs case as a “real uphill battle”. However, this development means the discovery process will move forward, with lawmakers, staff, and state police among those tentatively to be deposed. The Detroit News reports that the ACLU alleges that lawmakers filled the galleries with staff members to block the public from entering.

Legal discovery will be interesting to say the least.

Amy Kerr Hardin from Democracy Tree

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