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Where Has Color of Change Been All This Time?

saw this making its way around people’s inboxes yesterday:

postal worker cofc

A most worthy cause.  But, Color of Change, just as you were with ALEC–where have you been?  Must you wait and test the waters before capitalizing by joining in?

With ALEC you jumped in to the campaign to expose them long after so many Daily Kosother researchers had been already doing the research.  People like the Daily Kos writers who have been writing and exposing ALEC for a few years now.  People like Lisa Graves who ALECexposedhas devoted so much of her time and effort to be the face of this movement, someone whose research you take and use to raise funds and increase your membership.  People like Bob Sloan, our executive editor, among the first people to start posting about ALEC.  People like the other researchers who have been identified by ALEC as “to be avoided at all costs”.

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Your claim to fame was getting corporations to quit ALEC.  You fell over yourselves promoting your work,  capitalizing  from it.  Well, how did that workMONEYPOWERANDALEC out?  VLTP has shown how half of the corporations that have quit ALEC did not do so because of their concern about ALEC’s politics.   In fact, they are giving their money to other radical right organizations funded by many of the same people and corporations that fund ALEC.  You can take a look at http://www.vltp.net/?p=4929  to see What Happened to the Corporations Who Quit ALEC.  I wonder which were forced to quit by you, and how many by the socially responsible money managers we have been reporting about?

And now you are finally, finally getting on the bandwagon trying to save the USPS.  A very worthy cause.  But where have you been since Bob Sloan exposed the plan to kill the USPS-LogoUSPS?  I know you are aware of ALEC, but where is mention of it in your donation letter?  Did you not read his special report on the ALEC/Koch Cabal Pursuing Privatization of the US Postal Service for UPS and FedEx…at http://www.vltp.net/?p=122  It was published almost 11 months ago.  Certainly you’ve had time to research how your interest in ALEC is connected to your new interest in the USPS?

No?  You were not aware of it?  Why not?  Given the tens of thousands of hits that this article has received–and continues to receive every day–how did your researchers miss this?

save america's postal service
Welcome to the fight to save the USPS.  We very sincerely applaud your efforts to raise awareness of the plight of the USPS–especially their unionized workers of all skin colors.  And we sincerely hope that you run this campaign to help save the USPS for as long as it takes.

But if you want timely information about issues that have been affected by ALEC – and the “other ALECs”, what we have called the Cabal – you should be looking at the researchers who lead the field in grass roots reporting on these issues.

You might even want to learn about ALEC’s involvement in the rest of the ALEC Internationalworld.  ALEC cannot be stopped simply by fighting them here.  Their offshore operations–funded by many of the same corporations that fund ALEC here–are there to pick up the slack.  You can read our exposure of that in our newest expose–The World Trade in International Corruption – ALEC International, posted here at http://www.vltp.net/?p=5093

Or, you might try working with everyone who is working to expose ALEC without participating in any boycotts of specific groups or people.
if we are fighting each other we can't fight the enemy

Occupy Inspires me to Vote, Voting Inspires me to Occupy

I’m an active Occupier, and a big question among Occupiers is about voting.  Should people vote at all and thus support our decrepit two-party system?  Don’t Republicans and Democrats both line up at the same trough?  Don’t the corporations already “own” both parties by virtue of their money and their willingness to corrupt others with their money?  Is there a material difference between the parties?  All good questions.

Occupy Inspires me to Vote, Voting Inspires me to Occupy  (excerpt)

Spend a few years with any small, particular trench of the big progressive struggle and you soon find how much of the oppressive apparatus of the 1% is inter-connected and inter-dependent.

It was a sense of relief, even “arrival” that I felt.  We had finally “put it together.”

The only surprise I could register on any of our faces and even today when I review the transcripts of my interviews from those first few hours was that there were in fact so many of us, from so many different walks of life, who were aware of just how inter-connected our struggles were.

I’ve learned quite a few positive (what to do) and negative (what not to do) lessons from my individual experience at Occupy–but none more important than the power, meaning and value of connecting our struggles.

Our best mechanism for change, our solidarity, demands that we find ways to rebind our struggles together towards larger shared goals. The best way to do that is not to wait around until your own community is under the gun by some colonizing corporation and then to go around looking for solidarity. Quite the opposite. We must constantly, and as an imperative of our power, morals and politics, move to a position of solidarity with communities that are being oppressed. Time after time, and forever, if we want to live in a free world, we have to make that leap of faith for each others’ communities.

These are the two pistons that drive us forward. Dramatic community action. Purposeful political participation.

The choice has never been either popular democracy or institutional change–the choice has always been do both or get neither.

To read this important article in its entirety–something I recommend whether you are an Occupier or not, please click here.