David Gregory Misquotes President, Acts as Romney Surrogate – VIDEO

It’s pretty pathetic when a so-called journalist can’t get a basic quote right while framing a question about the Libya attacks, but David Gregory managed to do it. The misquote is at the top of the video, where Gregory claims the “president has said as recently as May of this year that al Qaeda has not had a chance to rebuild, that al Qaeda has been defeated.”

Except that’s not what the president said at all. In his speech in Afghanistan on May 1st, the president said this:…

…That’s right out of Karl Rove’s playbook, that question. Plouffe understandably took offense to it, calling it “preposterous and really offensive,” focusing back on the president’s actual provable record. I understand why Plouffe didn’t correct him, but NBC News should really make David Gregory retract the entire claim that was the underpinnings of a disingenuous question meant to echo stupid and dangerous lies and smears, like John McCain’s suggestion this morning that Harry Reid doesn’t care about Ambassador Stevens’ death.

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New ID Laws, More Voter Suppression. Will Obama Campaign Engage?  (click on this link to watch this video on the VLTPVideoChannel)

This is a composite of successive segments of the Rachel
Maddow Show on MSNBC 8/10/12

(1)  New ID laws, Purges, Reduced Access Advance GOP
War on Voting

Rachel Maddow reports on new Republican-set obstacles
to voting around the country, from Voter ID laws in
Pennsylvania, to voter purges in Iowa, to reduced voting
access in Democratic counties in Ohio

(2)  Will Obama Campaign Engage Ohio Voting Access

Ted Strickland, former Ohio Governor, co-chairman of
President Obama’s re-election campaign, talks with Rachel
Maddow about the Obama campaign’s reaction to the
Republican effort to make voting more difficult in 2012
and whether the Obama campaign plans to take action
against the new partisan voting access disparities in Ohio,

Postal Service a Political Target – Ed Schultz

from April 4, here is a segment of The Ed Show where he talks about the USPS.  A lot of this information could have come from Bob Sloan’s expose–he’s ahead of the pack.

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Koch Brothers, Chamber of Commerce Face Possible Campaign Donation Disclosure After Ruling

as posted to VLTP by Donna Brusoski

WASHINGTON — On Friday evening, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia issued a ruling that could begin the process of revealing the identities of secret donors to groups connected to Karl Rove and the Koch brothers.

The court ruled in Van Hollen v. Federal Election Commission that the FEC rules that restricted campaign donor disclosure are not valid and must be changed to provide for disclosure.

David Koch is major funder of independent groups, like Americans for Prosperity, that would be forced to disclose their donors for “electioneering communications” under the District Court’s ruling in Van Hollen v. Federal Election Commission (FEC).

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