Documents shed light on Marlborough voter fraud case

note:  this post combines articles from the MetroWest Daily News.  Photo of Mark Evangealous by Art Illman.

“The prosecution’s statement of the case, filed in superior court, alleges that (Mark) Evangelous dropped off the application — in the name of Anita S. Kasaras — on Oct. 28, four days ahead of the election.

Kasaras, according to an obituary, died on Feb. 20, 2011. A city clerk employee, noticing that Kasaras was listed as deceased, called the police.

Later that day, Marlborough Lt. Robert Jusseaume and Detective John Manning confronted Evangelous with the document and told him that Kasaras was dead.

Evangelous said that he had submitted the document and said that Kasaras was alive. Evangelous took out his cell phone and called Jay Kasaras, who told that he had filled out the application on behalf of his mother, over whom he had power of attorney.

Jay Kasaras, however, is not the son of Anita Kasaras. His mother is Alice Kasaras, who was then living at a rehabilitation center in West Boylston. Anita Kasaras was Jay’s aunt.

The police went to the rehabilitation center, and talked to Jay Kasaras’ wife, Sandra Kasaras, who works there. Sandra Kasaras told them that Anita Kasaras had passed away and that her sister-in-law Alice was staying there, according to court records.

When officers went to Jay Kasaras’ place of work, he said he had lied and that Evangelous had actually asked his permission to fill out the application on his behalf, according to the documents. He said he misunderstood their earlier conversation and thought the officers were referring to Alice Kasaras, according to court records. He said Evangelous had signed the wrong name on the form.

When the officers returned to the station, they found Evangelous there, asking to speak to them, according to the document.

In a written statement, Evangelous said he made a “name mistake” and had filled out the absentee ballot in the name of Anita instead of Alice, records showed.

He said that he had accessed the name from a website called “Voter Vault.”

Voter Vault is a database of voters used by the Republican Party.

He said he called a contact number for Anita Kasaras, which belonged to his friend and distant cousin Jay Kasaras. He told police Jay Kasaras agreed to let him fill out a ballot on his mom’s behalf, according to the document. He said he was lying when he said Jay Kasaras had filled out the document, according to court records.

Police also said in the report that Alice Kasaras has never been a registered voter in Marlborough.”

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To summarize, DeNeice Kenehan a VLTP Facebook Member said it well:  “In nutshell: ‘The professional politician supposedly didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to forge the signature of his dead relative on an absentee ballot application.’