Turns out THIS is who’s eating your tax dollars – VIDEO

Turns out THIS is who’s eating your tax dollars

Published on Aug 30, 2012 by bravenewfoundation

Our prison system is a beast, gobbling resources that should be going to communities. watch this video by clicking here to find out why. Then get involved at http://beyondbars.org.

This video was done in partnership with the ACLU, Equal Justice Initiative, All of Us or None, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, NAACP, A New Way of Life, Families Against Mandatory Minimums, Justice Policy Institute, Drug Policy Alliance, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, the United Methodist Church, Justice Fellowship, and Partnership for Safety and Justice.

Kochs out to own the political system and gut regulation

From The War Room w/ Jennifer Granholm 8/17/12 (video cut just a bit short at the end)

Discussion re Charles Koch Op-Ed in Newsmax with Jeffrey Sachs

“Amazing, isn’t it? The hubris of this editorial is stunning,” economist and professor Dr. Jeffrey Sachs tells Jennifer Granholm. Sachs, director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, and Granholm are discussing an op-ed piece by Charles Koch, a major right-wing political donor. Sachs’ recent editorial says a Koch-type vision of small government is winning out because of billionaires like Koch, who want to cut their own taxes. “He’s winning because in America right now money dominates the political process,” says Sachs.

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New ID Laws, More Voter Suppression. Will Obama Campaign Engage?

http://youtu.be/YnjJBTkXEIc  (click on this link to watch this video on the VLTPVideoChannel)

This is a composite of successive segments of the Rachel
Maddow Show on MSNBC 8/10/12

(1)  New ID laws, Purges, Reduced Access Advance GOP
War on Voting

Rachel Maddow reports on new Republican-set obstacles
to voting around the country, from Voter ID laws in
Pennsylvania, to voter purges in Iowa, to reduced voting
access in Democratic counties in Ohio


(2)  Will Obama Campaign Engage Ohio Voting Access

Ted Strickland, former Ohio Governor, co-chairman of
President Obama’s re-election campaign, talks with Rachel
Maddow about the Obama campaign’s reaction to the
Republican effort to make voting more difficult in 2012
and whether the Obama campaign plans to take action
against the new partisan voting access disparities in Ohio,


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