Success! How Progressives Stalled the Deregulation Agenda of Greedy Telecoms and ALEC

A coalition of unions, national and community groups managed to hit the trifecta–beating ALEC-backed deregulation bills in three states.

ALEC-backed telecommunications deregulation bills hit New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut recently, in a one-two-three punch combination designed as a quick knockout blow that consumers and workers would be powerless to fight. But a coalition, including the Communications Workers of America (CWA), the Working Families party, and the AARP, managed to stop the bills, which would’ve resulted in cost hikes, lost jobs, and service cut-offs for “less profitable” customers—disproportionately senior, rural, or low-income customers who use basic phone service…

Still, ALEC and its corporate backers aren’t going to give up easily—AT&T and Verizon, Time Warner and Cablevision and many others still want deregulation and are willing to pay for it. The bills in the three states have stalled, but the fight is on in California right now. Master noted, “These people have infinitely deep pockets and they never stop.”

To read more about the repelling of ALEC legislation, please click here.  Your state could be next.