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Ohio Secretary of State backs down on voting fight – VIDEO UPDATE

Ohio Secretary of State John Husted had defied a federal court judge and directed counties to keep the polls closed on the weekend before the election.  Today Husted apologized to the court and will comply–while he requests a stay on the judgement pending appeal.

State Senator Nina Johnson talks about the lack of sincerity in Husted’s “apology” and what it means for voting rights in Ohio

To watch this video update on this important story, please click here

The Ed Show
September 7, 2012

Fight for early voting continues in Ohio – VIDEO

In Ohio, the Obama campaign had to go to court to try to force Ohio Republicans to comply with a judge’s ruling that restores early voting in the state.  Ohio isn’t the only
state where Republicans are making it more difficult to vote.

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Politics Nation with Al Sharpton
September 5, 2012

Rep. Lewis speaks out on Voting Rights – VIDEO

A legend of the civil rights movement, Rep. John Lewis, addressed the crowd at the DNC about the crucial issue of voting rights in the 2012 Election.

MSNBC’sAlex Wagner and E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post weigh in.

Please click here to watch this video of great significance.  Why do the same divisive battles which were fought and won before have to now defend themselves against the radical right and an conservatively activist Supreme Court?

Politics Nation with Al Sharpton
September 6, 2012

Right Trying to Lock Down Voter Suppression Laws – VIDEO

With 77 days to go, right wing groups are fighting to get voter suppression laws into place before the Election.

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PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton
August 21, 2012

Duke CEO Rogers plays complicated role

Protesters criticize Duke

Greenpeace and the Coalition to March on Wall Street South, which marched in Charlotte on Sunday, call Duke a “political double agent” for supporting both the Democratic convention and the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council.

ALEC has recommended legislation requiring photo identification of voters, which critics say is intended to suppress minority voting. Duke underwrote ALEC’s May meeting in Charlotte with a $50,000 donation.

“Part of our argument is that ALEC as a right-wing think tank really functions to undermine a bunch of principles that the Democratic Party has stood for,” said Monica Embrey, a Greenpeace organizer in Charlotte. “It becomes a very tricky thing when you’re accepting contributions from a group that is also undermining your principles.”

Duke has said it does not support all of ALEC’s positions but likes to be aware of policy discussions. Duke gives to several other policy groups with a wide spectrum of positions, it has said.

Despite the turmoil of recent months, Duke spokesmen say Rogers has cleared his schedule for the convention and will appear all over town at nonpolitical functions.

To read this entire article about ALEC Corporate member Duke Energy, please click here.  It’s starting to sound like all cornered ALEC members say that they “don’t support all of ALEC’s positions, but…”

You’ll be reading more about Duke energy and the Greenpeace protest(s) on these pages.Kudos to Monica Embrey and Connor Gibson for their hard work.

A word of advice for Jim Rogers–QUIT ALEC!   NOW!

Michigans EMF Law Explained

A video from the Rachel Maddow show–=I’m sorry but I did not note the date nor the original URL of the post.  My apologies

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ALEC’s Own US Senator?

From Mother Jones by Andy Kroll…

Excerpts from this important and informative article:

“Before his 14-year stint as governor, before President George W. Bush tapped him to run the Department of Health and Human Services, and before his cushy gig as a wining-and-dining Washington lobbyist,Republican Tommy Thompson began carving out a reputation as powerful state legislator in Wisconsin. He rose quickly through the ranks of the Wisconsin GOP, and went on to become the longest-serving governor in state history. On his way to the top, Thompson found help in an influential policy organization then little known to the public: the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC…”

Three of Thompson’s signature legislative changes as Wisconsin governor bear ALEC’s fingerprints. In 1998, Thompson signed so-called Truth-in-Sentencing legislation into law. The measure—which 25 other states had passed in 1995 with ALEC’s help—increased maximum sentences for felons and eliminated parole. Wisconsin’s own version of the bill mirrored legislation written by ALEC. Then-Assemblyman Scott Walker (now governor) said that ALEC’s statistics on the benefits of the bill “were very helpful” to passing the bill.

Truth-in-sentencing legislation originated out of ALEC’s Criminal Justice Task Force, members of which included private prison companies such as the massive Corrections Corporation of America. It came as no surprise that Wisconsin’s law soon drove up corrections spending: Over the course of Thompson’s tenure, corrections spending ballooned from $179 million in 1990 to nearly $850 million in 2001—a windfall for companies like CCA. A 2010 report by the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance noted that, between 1993 and 1999, Wisconsin imprisoned six times as many people as neighboring Minnesota, despite the two states having strikingly similar populations and demographics…”

The full article MJ is available here

Ohio’s Secretary of State – and ALEC Alum – Ignores Court Order To Expand Weekend Voting

From an AlterNet article / By Steven Rosenfeld

VLTP: The legislation popping up in numerous states to disenfranchise millions of predominantly Democratic voters who are students, elderly, Black or Hispanic, come from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).  There have been many articles tracking these efforts back to ALEC.  An article published on PolicyMic and VLTP last week exposed that in Ohio, three top state officials; Governor Kasich, PUCO Chairman Todd Snitchler…and Secretary of State, Jon Husted are all ALEC alumni:….

This helps voters understand why Secretary Husted is deliberately attempting to ignore the court’s decision and mandate.  By claiming that Ohio is awaiting the conclusion of the “Appellate” process in disregarding the lower court’s ordered injunction, I believe Husted is overstepping his authority in an effort of advancing a deliberate voter suppression and thus, ALEC led agenda.

From the AlterNet article:

“If you want to see what voter suppression looks like in 2012, parse the logic and rehetoric in Husted’s latest directive—which his office has the authority to issue:

Announcing new hours before the court case reaches final resolution will only serve to confuse voters and conflict with the standard of uniformity sought in Directive 2012-35. Therefore, there is no valid reason for my office or the county boards of elections to set hours for in-person absentee voting the last three days before the election at this time. If the appellate courts ultimately reverse the trial court’s decision, in-person absentee voting for non-UOCAVA voters will end the Friday before the election. If however, the appellate courts uphold the trial court’s decision, I will be required to issue a consistent uniform schedule for statewide in-person voting hours for the last three days before the election. I am confident there will be sufficient time after the conclusion of the appeal process to set uniform hours across the state.

Obviously Ohio is an important swing state and the issues and positions of the candidates be damned – the GOP controlled state is demonstrating quite clearly that under the unholy ALEC held “trifecta” of Kasich, Husted and Snitchler they, like Pennsylvania are willing to do whatever is necessary to hand Romney their state in November.  They are willing to go so far as to deny hundreds of thousands of Ohio voters their right to vote in order to prevail at tossing “the Black guy” out of the White House…

Read the entire AlterNet/Rosenfeld article here

The Romney-Koch Handshake: Network TV Misses Revealing Moment Between Nominee & Billionaire at RNC

From Democracy Now

Many would have completely missed the handshake between Mitt Romney and financier, David Koch if it weren’t for Democracy Now’s great footwork with a camera.  Koch’s money helps the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) continue their work legislating on behalf of large corporations such as Koch Industries and their subsidiaries.

Not surprisingly, the major networks all cut away precisely when Romney was pointing to David Koch with that now all to familiar “Romney smirk”, shaking Koch’s hand and laying his other hand on the industrialist’s shoulder.

Over the past few years David and Charles Koch have done their part in paving the way for Romney (or any GOP candidate) to have a better chance at winning election this November by funding the national pursuit of voter ID laws disseminated through their financially controlled ALEC, Americans For Prosperity and a dozen other conservative organizations.

Full video of Romney making his way into the RNC last Thursday – complete with the Koch-Romney moment can be seen here...


Recent dearth of postings at

Dear Readers,

With the DNC happening in Charlotte, along with all the related protests, time is lacking to do the research to post for you.  Please bear with me and we will get the volume of our content back up to normal.

Today I attended the Southern Workers Assembly–a meeting of unions from around the country who want to expand Union influence in the southern states.  Af fantastic turnout.  They had some speeches from a number of activists, and reported back that through better preparation and better communication, they are not going to be taken for granted any longer.

Yesterday was the Coalition to March on Wall Street South.  Charlotte, being the city with the second-most number of headquarters for banks, is referred to derisively as Wall Street South.  About 2500 people took part in the march which was very successful in getting ot its message thanks to the lack of any violence or civil disobedience.  I will soon be posting photos and videos from the Coalition;s March,

Charlotte is becoming an activist city, thanks to the efforts of a number of groups like ActionNC, Occupy Charlotte, our local Greenpeace members–so ably led by Monica Embry–the Rainforest Action Network, and various coalitions including networked members from many different activist groups in North Carolina.

While many states around the country are in the process of taking away the civil and human rights of their citizens, people in NC are now fighting back against most of this same ALEC-written legislation that is already in place here.

Another world IS possible if we leave the “like” buttons alone on Facebook and get out there and stand up for what we believe.

Thank you for putting up with my rant.