Which Constituency Do they Represent?

Unfortunately, the government and democratic process in Iowa doesn’t work that way any more. Many of our legislators no longer represent Iowans, and instead are under the influence of the American Legislative Exchange Council, usually referred to as ALEC.

Here’s how it works: corporations fund ALEC, and receive direct access to state legislators at private ALEC meetings. These closed-door meetings are typically held at exotic resorts, where corporate lobbyists wine and dine legislators, then send them back to their states with template legislation written directly by and for corporate interests.

This allows Iowa legislators to pass off the legislation as their own — turning them into what the New York Times calls “stealth lobbyists.” According to the Center for Media and Democracy, ALEC has provided model legislation in Iowa to suppress voter rights, privatize our schools, withdraw from regional environmental partnerships, and require “intellectual diversity” reporting from our college campuses.

To read this article which calls out Iowa Legislators, please click hereThis is about Iowa, but it could be any state in the country.