The Charter School Threat to American Society

If charter schools served the neediest children, if they recruited the students who had dropped out, if they made an effort to collaborate with public schools in a joint undertaking, they would have a valued place in American education.

But in the current context, they have been turned into a battering ram to compete with public schools and skim the ablest students.

Where will this lead? Will we have a dual school system in ten years, with one system (the charters) for the motivated and able students, and the other system (the public schools) for those who didn’t get into a charter?

Admin note:  ALEC model legislation has been forging the way for taking money that the states allocate to the public school systems and giving it to what are essentially private schools.  This, in turn leaves the public school systems even more inadequately funded and unable to deal with the general population of students which they are required to educate by law.

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