THE GIANT VS. THE MIDGETS – Rep. Hank Johnson, Congressional Record, 12.12.12

Congressional Record
112th Congress (2011-2012)

“Then you have the commercial committee, let’s call it, of ALEC. They produce legislation such as crush-the-union legislation, also misnamed right-to-work legislation. It is not right-to-work, it is crush-the-union.”

“So the bill, or the bills, that have been passed out of the Michigan assembly in both their house and senate are products of ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, almost word for word.”

“And guess what? Those corporations, pursuant to Citizens United, can participate in the campaign process. They can do electioneering. They can influence elections. They can give money to organizations that support candidates. And so it’s an ugly lobbying situation when you put corporations with legislators in a wining-and-dining setting with added benefit of campaign contributions. They can’t lose. That’s what ALEC is all about is putting legislators with businesses. And then those legislators, who tend to be Republican, then carry out the wishes of the big business.

“Who suffers? The middle class. So just 30 days after, the middle class, the people, rue the day we still have ALEC and the corporations that fund it out there trying to destroy the middle class by crushing the union.

“How do they crush the union? Because they know that the union doesn’t have a situation like ALEC where you are putting the legislator with the corporation or the corporate interests. You’re putting them together, you’re wining and dining the legislators, and then you are also pushing your legislation on them; and as an added bonus, you’re giving them campaign contributions so that they can get reelected. You got it going on.

“Unions don’t have that kind of set up. There is no ALEC of unions. But unions do participate in the political process. They get behind candidates who support working people.”

To read the entire speech given by Rep. Hank Johnson about the influence of ALEC and the need for protection from it–there is a lot more than we have excerpted–please click here