The Romney-Koch Handshake: Network TV Misses Revealing Moment Between Nominee & Billionaire at RNC

From Democracy Now

Many would have completely missed the handshake between Mitt Romney and financier, David Koch if it weren’t for Democracy Now’s great footwork with a camera.  Koch’s money helps the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) continue their work legislating on behalf of large corporations such as Koch Industries and their subsidiaries.

Not surprisingly, the major networks all cut away precisely when Romney was pointing to David Koch with that now all to familiar “Romney smirk”, shaking Koch’s hand and laying his other hand on the industrialist’s shoulder.

Over the past few years David and Charles Koch have done their part in paving the way for Romney (or any GOP candidate) to have a better chance at winning election this November by funding the national pursuit of voter ID laws disseminated through their financially controlled ALEC, Americans For Prosperity and a dozen other conservative organizations.

Full video of Romney making his way into the RNC last Thursday – complete with the Koch-Romney moment can be seen here...