VLTP Post Clarification/Correction…

By Bob Sloan

In VLTP’s 4/29 posting on articles related to ALEC/Koch Cabal Activities, I posted an article headline titled:

Audio: National expert on swift, certain sanctions: ‘Rest of the country has its eyes on Washington state

In my analysis of the article about the “Swift and Certain Sanctions” legislation proposed in Washington state, I mis-characterized Pepperdine University’s Associate Professor Angela Hawken’s involvement with the American Enterprise Institute.  What was written was:

“Swift and Certain Sanctions”…another model bill from ALEC. This “Act” was adopted by the full ALEC membership on June 3 2010.  Assoc. Professor Angela Hawken, PhD of Pepperdine’s School of Public Policy has been touring the U.S. speaking alongside representatives of American Enterprise Institute (AEI) , a staunchly conservative think tank associated with the American Legislative Exchange Council and funded at least in part by the Koch family foundations in similar manner to the Americans For Prosperity organization.  Hawken is an “expert” on topics other than swift and certain sanctions…often speaking on legalization of marijuana.

The way the lead-in was written was intended to inform that Professor Hawken had been touring the U.S. in support of the Swift and Certain Sanctions legislation – not in concert with representatives of AEI.  The AIE reference and link was on the topic of legalizing marijuana which Ms. Hawken supports.  The panel included an AEI rep that opposed legalization.  Professor Hawken was not there in a support role with AIE and has no affiliation with AEI.

I and VLTP apologize to Professor Hawken for any incorrect misinterpretation or inconvenience resulting from the inclusion of that link or false association with AEI in the posting.

This was brought to my attention by Professor Mark Kleiman of UCLA in a phone conversation Sunday.  In that discussion he advised that he and Professor Hawken developed a program in 2009 that was later adopted in 2010 by ALEC as model legislation titled “Swift and Certain Sanctions Act” that has been circulated in several states.  Though this proposed legislation was not written by or for ALEC, Professors Hawken and Kleiman support the program and current legislation which Professor Kleiman describes as helping to reduce prison/jail populations.

The information provided by VLTP in the article about funding for Pepperdine’s School of Public Policy is accurate – but that is not meant to infer that Professor Hawken personally benefited in any way from funding received from the Koch Family Foundation(s).