WI GOP’s Photo ID Law Struck Down Yet Again as Unconstitutional, Unduly Burdensome

ALSO: Court challenges heard on similar restrictions in MN, TX, as new report finds some 10 million eligible voters disadvantaged by the Republican-supported polling place schemes

The paper also notes that, as has been found in every single other state where Republican’s have passed purposely disenfranchising polling place Photo ID restrictions under the guise of needing them to protect against “voter fraud”, “according to Flanagan’s decision, investigations carried out since 2004 by the Milwaukee Police Department and mayor’s office and the state Department of Justice have not produced a prosecution of a voter fraud violation that would have been prevented by the photo ID requirements of the voter ID law.”

To read more about these hopeful rulings about the unconstitutionality of ALEC’s Photo ID legislation as it takes it on the chin in every state, please click here.  Let’s just push to get these laws thrown out while there is still time to register voters, or the radical right’s efforts will have won–for now.